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  1. You will get 5 actual CUET (PG) level quality mock tests for Rs 99 Rs 199 for a test paper/subject with unlimited attempts.
  2. You can take your mock tests anytime, with unlimited attempts.
  3. This mock test is available in English language only, in online mode.
  4. This mock test is created by University of Delhi students under expert guidance, as per the CUET (PG) syllabus – 2024.
  5. This mock test will be available to you only till the completion of CUET (PG) – 2024 exam.

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CUET(PG) Mock Test – 2024
Question Papers Code/SubjectsFee
COQP03 B.Ed., B.Ed.-M.Ed. Integrated, B.Ed. (HI), B.Ed. (ID), B.Ed. (VI), Lifelong Learning & Extension etc.₹99 ₹199 Start Now
COQP08 Commerce, Business Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Economic Administration and Financial Management etc.₹99 ₹199 Start Now
COQP10 Economics, Financial Economics, Business Economics, Rural Economics etc.  ₹99 ₹199 Start Now
COQP11 General, L.L.B., Bachelor of Library & Information Science, Physical Education, Textile Design, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Gender Studies etc.  ₹99 ₹199 Start Now
COQP12 General MBA, Marketing & Finance Management, Tourism, Travel & Hotel Management, Business Analytics, Sales & Marketing etc. ₹99 ₹199 Start Now
LAQP01 English, Comparative Literature, English & Cultural Studies, English, Modern European etc.₹99 ₹199 Start Now
SCQP01 Agricultural Science- Agricultural Economics; Agronomy; Entomology; Agricultural Extension & Communication; Genetics & Plant Breeding; Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology; Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry, Agriculture Technology (Informatics) etc. ₹99 ₹199 Start Now
SCQP08 Chemistry, Chemical Sciences, Industrial Chemistry etc. ₹99 ₹199 Start Now
SCQP09 Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Application, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Operational Research etc.₹99 ₹199 Start Now
SCQP17 Life Science-Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany, Bioinformatics, Molecular Medicine, Zoology, Biomedical Engineering & Science, Virology and Immunology, Optometry, Bio-Physics, Genetics, Health Science etc.₹99 ₹199 Start Now
SCQP28 Zoology, Sericulture, Human Genetics₹99 ₹199 Start Now
HUQP09 History₹99 ₹199 Start Now
HUQP18 Political Science, Public Administration, Human Rights, Politics and International Relations etc. ₹99 ₹199 Start Now

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